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HJI not only employs the services of many international experts, but also Chinese professionals who have obtained Master and Doctor degrees in engineering, business management, and economics in the US as well as other developed countries. Our staff, being highly educated, experienced, and fluent in both English and Chinese, are familiar with the intricacies of working in China, navigating through ever-changing regulations, and they are very knowledgeable regarding the policies and procedures of World Bank and Asian Development Bank. We have extensive experience with other international financial institutions and government-financed projects as well.

In China, our talented staff is capable of meeting our clients’ wide spectrum of needs with an equally wide range of services. We bring with us unmatched experience to any China-based project. 

HJI constantly employs the latest and most innovative methods to ensure that the quality of each project meets or exceed our clients’ expectations. Our professional engineers and technological specialists produce industry-best management procedures, as well as ensure project implementation and execution according to efficient scheduling. 

We are fully committed to providing our clients with superior engineering and consulting services to improve productivity, profitability, and efficiency. By implementing sustainable development concepts with engineering expertise, we can provide each client the opportunity to enhance the quality of life and improve the environment for the benefit of future generations.